Steak Diane Flambe

How To | Steak Diane

There are few dishes on any restaurants menu which remain the same however the “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” saying is perfect in this situation.

The Steak Diane has been one of our staple dishes for the past 30 years! The dish itself is not complex and is easily done at home, hence this article.

Before any cooking we must start with the steak, any steak will do however we recommend using sirloin due to its low-fat.

At the Wycliffe we thinly beat our Sirloin so that we can cook quickly tableside keeping service smooth, again this is not necessary but is our preference!

Firstly, we are going to get our pan nice and hot – do not add anything to the pan just yet!

While the pan is warming, we are going to want to spread a little French mustard on one side of the Sirloin while also giving it a good covering of black pepper.

Once the pan is hot place a little butter (or oil if preferred) into the pan then add in some finely chopped onions and mushrooms – cook for 1 – 2 minutes then add the sirloin steak making sure that the onion and mushrooms are pushed to one side.

Give the steak 1 minute and then turn. Now we are going to add a little brandy – here any the Wycliffe we like to flambé our steak but again it isn’t essential.

The idea behind a flambé is that it burns off the alcohol but leaves the flavours of the brandy. If you are going to flambé your steak be sure to be very careful!

Now we can add a little bit of Worcestershire sauce and red wine. Now is a good time to remove the steak, remember its thin and we don’t want to overcook it!

While the steak is resting, we can add in a little fresh cream and start to reduce the sauce. Pour onto of the Sirloin and your good to go!