high speed internet

Wycliffe Upgrades to High Speed Internet

The Wycliffe Hotel and Restaurant has recently placed an order to upgrade its complimentary broadband offering to BT Infinity fibre optic – a high speed internet service.

Mark Tavini, Manager and Owner of the Wycliffe Hotel and Restaurant, said:

“Although we are upgrading to a faster internet service we will still be keeping our ethos that hotel Wi-Fi should be free-of-charge throughout the entirety of the premises. Guests will be able to gain high speed internet access throughout our fourteen bedrooms, bar, restaurant and outdoor seating area.

“We understand that guests are looking for a high speed internet connection but it is also important for us to make sure that it is constantly preforming.

“We are expecting that the new Wi-Fi will be fully installed and up and running by the end of March (31st).”

A recent survey has revealed that among 1,000 respondents two thirds (67%) thought free Wi-Fi was the most important factor when choosing a hotel, this, somewhat surprisingly, outranked a good night’s sleep at three fifths (58%) – click here to read the full article.