Guardian Small Business Showcase :: Smarter working: Wycliffe Hotel

Unlike other small businesses which are able to shut down at the end of the day, hotels need to run round the clock. That is why, at the Wycliffe Hotel and Restaurant, we’ve implemented some simple steps which allow us to save both time and money without compromising on quality.

Investing in new technology, namely computers, has allowed our staff to become faster and more efficient with their administrative duties – allowing more time to be spent with the customer.

As a small business with an experienced team we have never really found the need to hold regular team meetings. However, in recent months with the hotel hosting more events and changes to procedures, equipment and menus we have found meetings to be a quick and effective means of communication.

Through these team meetings we are also able to encourage staff to help save the business from unnecessary expenditures, specifically lighting. Turning the lights and other appliances off when not in use, while a simple task, has led to substantial saving for the business.

Again, to cut wastage we are using printed menus for scrap paper. While this does not save thousands of pounds per year it is certainly a smart way of working and shows a hotel dedicated to helping the environment.

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