Phil “The Power” Taylor at the Wycliffe

On the 21st November this year (2014) the Wycliffe Hotel and Restaurant once again welcomed the 16 times world darts champion, Phil Taylor. The event, now in its fourth year, was once again sponsored by booker cash and carry who are, at the time of writing, the United Kingdom’s largest food wholesale operator.

With the chance to play against Phil Taylor himself it was no surprise that tickets were in great demand. Among those who got the chance to play against the legend there was only one – a young prospect from Stockport Darts Academy – who came out on top after throwing some fantastic darts.

In addition to the darts, there was a three course choice meal, a question and answer session and autograph signing session with Phil Taylor.

Marketing Manager, Richard Tavini, commented:

“It is no real surprise that the event was such a success, we can see from previous years that there has been interest, however, this year with the aid of our new website and the Facebook event it was clear to see that people were talking about playing the man himself.”