Scott Bulls-eyes Phil “The Power” Taylor

During ‘An Evening with Phil Taylor’ held in Stockport on Friday 21st November 2014 at the Wycliffe Hotel and Restaurant, Scott Needham (26 years of age from Boundary Park in Oldham) got invited to play darts against Phil Taylor thanks to a generous guest, Brian O’Hare, who gave Scott his ticket he had won from the select few that were given out.

Scott was 4th on the list to play, and the excitement was mounting.

The MC called out Scott’s name and he walked through the crowds to the oche to meet the great man himself Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor.

The MC explained that they would play Scott’s rules; Phil played the regular 501 and Scott 301 with no double finish needed for Scott, and if Scott gets centre bull at any time during the game, he wins the game outright.

After a couple of rounds with Phil throwing in the hundreds, Scott lined up his throw, 1st dart going in single 19, then his 2nd dart hit the Bulls Eye – The MC called it “Game Shot and the Match to Scott Needham” – Game Over – Scott had won!!!!.

Phil was fantastic in congratulating Scott on his winning achievement and said “Well done Scott”.   The crowds were in raptures.

Scott’s Dad, Stuart, said: “I am so proud of what he has done, he really tries to concentrate which is not easy, especially because he has nystagmus (eye wobble), you couldn’t have written the script any better.”

Stuart also went on to explain, “Last year, Scott was made an honorary member of the Target Stockport College Darts Academy, and we try to attend at least once a week to one of the practice sessions.

Early this year, the darts coach at the Academy Paul McDonagh set Scott a challenge to see if he could finish fifty games before the end of July by hitting a centre bull when he plays against the other academy members playing ‘Scott’s Rules’. Scott achieved this with 3 weeks to spare.”

So after the challenge games, Phil also kindly presented Scott with the trophy he won by winning the 50 games of darts on the Bulls Eye finish challenge.