Study finds Independent Hotels Outperforming Chains on Public Wi-Fi

According to recent research undertaken by web hosting company independent restaurants, bars and cafes are outperforming chains by offering, on average, seven tenths (70%) faster download speeds, as well as nine times higher upload speeds.

According to co-founder and technical director of, Daniel Foster, said:  “Our research suggests that independent restaurants, bars and cafes offer much faster public Wi-Fi speeds than the big chains”

“Businesses that fail to offer good Wi-Fi speeds to their customers are missing out financially because these consumers typically spend lots of money on snacks and drinks while they surf. When you consider how little it costs for businesses to set up public Wi-Fi the investment effectively pays for itself within weeks.”

Although independents are seen to be outperforming chains when it comes to download speeds, public Wi-Fi is still some way being residential broadband, which has average download speeds of 18.7mbps.