Wi-Fi Found to Be More Important than a Good Night’s Sleep

The findings from a recent survey suggest that free Wi-Fi is the most important factor when choosing a hotel – more so than a good night’s sleep.

The survey, undertaken by Amba Hotels, found that two thirds (67%) of 1,000 users polled thought free Wi-Fi was the most important factor when choosing a hotel – followed closely by location which obtained (65%) of the vote.

Surprisingly, free Wi-Fi was seen by users to be more important than a good night’s sleep (58%) and friendly, knowledgeable staff (40%).

Among respondents almost nine in ten (84%) said that, at one time or another, they had suffered because of slow hotel internet connection – it just goes to show that a speedy yet free-of-charge Wi-Fi service is of the upmost importance.

The survey goes into more depth by asking guests what they used Wi-Fi for.

The results were, in order, checking social media (58%), checking directions (54%), sending and receiving work emails (49%), local travel tips (43%), Skype calls (31%), and dating sites (11%).

Would you value a good, free-of-charge, Wi-Fi service over a good night’s sleep? Let us know in the comments below!