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Monthly Archive: August 2014

  • Gerardo Morese Appointed Head Chef at the Wycliffe Hotel

    Gerardo Morese has been appointed as head chef of the Wycliffe Hotel (Stockport) after a thirteen year career at the Alma Lodge Hotel (Stockport) – also under the supervision of the Tavini family. Before joining the Alma Lodge Hotel in 2001 Gerardo was head chef at the Wycliffe Hotel and Restaurant for nine years. Gerardo… Read more

  • Wycliffe Upgrades to High Speed Internet

    The Wycliffe Hotel and Restaurant has recently placed an order to upgrade its complimentary broadband offering to BT Infinity fibre optic – a high speed internet service. Mark Tavini, Manager and Owner of the Wycliffe Hotel and Restaurant, said: “Although we are upgrading to a faster internet service we will still be keeping our ethos… Read more

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